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History of Poker Gambling in the World

History of Poker Gambling in the World – Getting to Know the History of Poker Gambling: Its Beginning to Its Legalization in Several Countries

Poker turns out to be a card gambling game that has been known since the 19th century. Anyone know the historical facts of this poker gambling?

Poker is one type of gambling game that is still very popular in the world. Basically, this poker game is a card gambling game where the winner is determined based on the best card combination according to the prevailing poker rules.

Many people just know that this game of poker is illegal and has a negative impact on the people who are involved in it. This is not wrong!, But there are also interesting facts from this online casino Malaysia gambling game. One of them is in terms of history.

History of Poker Gambling in the World

History of Poker Gambling

Poker gambling game turns out to have a long history that people rarely know about. This gambling was first developed in the early 19th century in the United States.

Since it was first introduced, this game immediately stole the attention and soon became one of the most popular games around the world.

In the book by Hoyle and R. F. Foster, edition of Foster’s Complete, published in 1937. Poker game is said to be an adaptation of a Persian card game called As-Nas.

However, the ideas issued by these two well-known writers have been met with opposition from historians. One historian online casino malaysia who opposes the ideas of Hoyle and R. F. Foster is David Parlett.

According to information from wikipedia, 1970 was one of the heyday of poker games. The game became much more popular in many American casinos after the first World Series of Poker was held that year.

It doesn’t stop there, the popularity of poker games is skyrocketing. Especially after many television programs that raised this poker game. Poker’s popularity has also increased throughout the millennium.

Poker Gambling Game Variations

Broadly speaking, this poker gambling game has 2 different categories. The 2 different categories are:

Low Hand

This Low Hand is a variation of the poker game in which the winner is based on the lowest ranking card combination in the poker rules.

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High Hand

This High Hand is the opposite of the Previous Low Hand variation. High Hand is a variation of the game of poker in which the winner is determined by the combination of cards with the highest ranking in the poker rules.

But along with the development of poker games, there have been many variations of this family of games such as straight, stud and draw poker. Although there are many variations, generally poker games use the same ranking rules as a game guide.

Poker Gambling Legality in Malaysia

Regarding legality, each jurisdiction or country has its own rules regarding gambling, including for this poker gambling game. In Malaysia, it is clear that any kind of gambling is illegal and against the law. Anyone who organizes, disseminates or participates in gambling will be threatened with quite severe legal consequences.

The articles that confirm the status of gambling in the eyes of this law are as follows:

Book of the Criminal Code Article 303 paragraph 1

Threatened with a maximum imprisonment of ten years or a maximum fine of twenty five million RM, whoever without obtaining permission:

Deliberately offering or providing an opportunity for gambling games and making it a quest, or knowingly participating in a company for it.

Deliberately offering or giving an opportunity to the general public to play gambling or intentionally participating in a company for it, regardless of whether to take advantage of the opportunity there are conditions or the fulfillment of a procedure. Make participating in gambling games a quest.

Book of the Criminal Code Article 303 Bis paragraph 1

Threatened with a maximum imprisonment of 4 (four) years or a maximum fine of ten million RM:

Whoever uses the opportunity to play gambling, which is carried out in violation of article 303 regulations.

Whoever participates in a gambling game which is held on a public road or on its side or in a place that can be entered by the general public, unless to do so, there is permission from the competent authority.

Poker Gambling Legalization in Several Countries

In Malaysia, gambling is indeed an illegal and unlawful thing. However some countries out there are taking the option to come to terms with the prevalence of gambling.

Some countries such as Singapore, Italy, Philippines and Spain have chosen to legalize gambling (including poker gambling).

Of course, the legalization of gambling must give reciprocity to the government. Most countries that legalize gambling activities make gambling a revenue-generating sector for the state.

Gambling is also believed to be an asset that attracts many tourists to visit the country concerned, especially tourists from the upper middle class.

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This is the same as what happened in the city of Las Vegas, where this city is a gambling tourist that is always crowded every year.

The income generated from the gambling sector itself must be admittedly very large. For example, according to a review from the news.ddtc page, the Philippines generates 5.13 billion pesos from taxes on online gambling companies operating in it.

This income does not include taxes collected from the casinos operating in it.

What Happened Is Poker Gambling Legalized in Malaysia?

What Happened Is Poker Gambling Legalized in Malaysia?

Some time ago, Arief Poyuono, the deputy chairman of Gerindra, issued a surprising proposal regarding the legalization of casino and lottery gambling. This proposal received a lot of criticism from various parties, especially netizens. But do you know what might happen if the gambling legalization policy was actually implemented in Malaysia?

Regarding the legalization of gambling itself, there are quite a number of reviews that mention the advantages and disadvantages of this decision to legalize gambling. One of these reviews comes from the site page. According to the review from this page, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of legalizing gambling in a country.

Gambling Legalization Advantages

Increase in state revenue (legalizing gambling can provide additional revenue for the state. The government can generate revenue annually from the gambling sector through tax collection)

Reducing illegal gambling activities (legalizing gambling can also indirectly eradicate illegal gambling. With the existence of legal gambling, gambling lovers will most likely choose legal gambling over illegal ones. On the other hand, the government can also take action against gambling that does not have legal rights). official permission.)

Attracting tourists (many countries out there that make gambling as a tourist attraction that brings visitors. An example can be seen in the city of Las Vegas which is always busy with tourist visits every year. Gambling legalization can also lead Malaysia to that stage)

Gambling Legal Disadvantages

Addiction (gambling is a destructive and addictive behavior that can trigger addiction in players. Legalizing gambling is the same as being ready to accept the increasing number of gambling addictions in Malaysia)

Increased crime (study shows that countries that legalize gambling also have a high crime rate every year. Gambling itself is very connected to the world or criminal organizations).

Suffering small businesses and businesses (gambling businesses such as history of casino usually also cover other fields such as lodging, restaurants and others. This indirectly creates unfair competition with other small businesses or businesses).

The legalization of gambling in Malaysia can also lead to a number of protests from a number of organizations, especially faith-based organizations. This is very reasonable considering that Malaysia is a country where the majority of the population is Muslim.

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Computer Poker Players Development

Regarding the poker gambling game, there are actually some interesting facts that you may not know. One of the interesting facts is that in those few years, several researchers developed computer-based poker player programs.

Researchers from the University of Alberta, Carnegie Mellon University, and also the University of Auckland created a poker player bot called the Cepheus poker bot. This bot is claimed to only have a losing percentage of 0.001 big blinds per game. In short, this bot is called unbeatable using human calculation statistics.

Negative Impact of Poker Gambling

Like taking drugs, gambling games offer a sensation of satisfaction wrapped in risk. Gambling games can harm many aspects of a player’s life such as finances, quality of life to health.

According to Hidehiko Takahashi, a researcher from Kyoto University; gambling can lead to addiction that leads to mental health disorders. This is based on an MRI examination of the brains of gamblers which showed their presence in the brain, precisely in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

This makes gambling players like to make decisions with high risk even though it will be dangerous or detrimental to themselves. Even gamblers can experience stress and potentially commit suicide attempts.

In addition, gamblers have a very high risk for brain damage due to increased dopamine production.

The financial condition of people who like to gamble is generally worrying. Gamblers can usually spend a lot of money on this hobby or pleasure.

Religious Views About Online Poker Gambling

In the view of many religions, gambling is a sin and prohibited. For example in Islamic teachings, gambling is categorized as a forbidden thing. This is explained in several chapters and verses in the Holy Quran. One of them is Al-Maidah verse 90.

In Surah Al-Maidah verse 90, it is stated that drinking khamr (alcohol), gambling and also drawing lots of luck is an act of the devil. This verse also commands Muslims to stay away from such acts in order to get good luck.

Christianity also prohibits its followers from gambling. There are several chapters in the Bible that explain it. Timothy 6:10 is one of them.

This chapter and verse mentions that the love of money is the root of finance. Hunting for money can also cause a person to deviate from his faith and torture himself.

That’s a little information about the history of poker gambling that we can share. Hopefully this information can be useful and entertaining. Thank you

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